Christening cake- 3d Giraffe with Cupcakes

giraffe cake

Christening Cake – 3D Giraffe With Matching Cupcakes

Large 3d Giraffe Christening cakecake with matching 2d giraffe cupcakes

  • giraffe cake
  • giraffe cake
  • Giraffe cake
  • giraffe cup cakes

Cake Details

This large giraffe cake is the perfect centerpiece for a giraffe themed christening and stands around 2 feet tall. The body of the giraffe is cake with the legs made from marshmallow rice crispy treats which are very yummy.Perfect with matching 2d giraffe cupcakes .

Size and Servings

This large cake will serve approximately 48 guests. cupcakes are ordered in multiples of 6 and serve 1 per person


This design can be made in small medium or large and in different colours to suit your theme, Please contact me for more information.


Delivered to The Bridge Inn, Sandycroft, North Wales


How can i get one of these cakes?

If you would like to order this cake or something similar for your babies christening, please get in touch. We can custom design the perfect christening cake for your little ones special day.

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We are constantly designing new cakes for all occasions, ask us for advice about the perfect cake for your next event.

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