Cake Pricing Guide

All of our cakes are bespoke therefore these prices are a intended as a guide. All cakes are priced individually depending on size, flavour and the level of detail/ time it takes to create your unique design.

These prices below are starting prices for the specified cakes plainly iced and finished with a ribbon trim, Delivery and set up is not included and will be quoted for upon request.

For an accurate quote please use the contact form below .

  • Custom Design Wedding Cake - Iced

    1 Tier to serve approx. 20-25 portions starts at £115
    2 Tiers to serve approx. 30-35 portions starts at £210
    3 Tiers to serve approx. 70-75 portions start at £345
    3 Tiers to serve approx. 95-100 portions start at £385
    3 Tiers to serve approx. 120-130portions starts at £425
    4 Tiers to serve approx. 130-140 portions start at £530
    5 Tiers to serve approx. 220-250 portions start from £770

  • Custom Design Birthday Cake

    6″ to serve approx 12 portions £60
    7″ to serve approx 18 portions £65
    8″ to serve approx. 24 portions starts at £70
    9″to serve approx. 32 portions start at £80
    10″ to serve approx. 38 portions start at £95
    11″ to serve approx 46 portions £110
    12″ to serve approx 54 portions £120

  • Cupcakes

    Ordered in multiples of 6 with a minimum order quantity of 12
    Frosted cupcakes from £2.50 each
    Edible image cupcakes from £3 each
    Flat top cupcake with 2d decoration from £3.75 each
    Frosted cupcakes with 3d topper from £5.50 each
    Giant cupcake to serve approx. 24 portions from £75

  • 3d Novelty cakes

    Sculpted carved 3d novelty cakes from £170
    Single number cakes from £65
    Double number cakes from £130

  • Cakesickles

    Ordered in quantities of 12 Minimum order quantity of 12
    from £3.75 each

We use only the finest ingredients

All of our beautiful cakes are made by hand to your exact requirements and are guaranteed to be delicious!

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