Prosecco In Ice Bucket Cake

Prosecco & Ice Bucket

Prosecco and Ice Bucket with Tiffany Box

A Tiffany Box with ice bucket and bottle of Prosecco

  • Ice bucket and Tiffany Box

    Prosecco Cake in Bucket

  • Edible Tiffany Box

    Tiffany Box

Cake Details

Tiffany Box cake with ice bucket, bottle of Prosecco, sugar ‘ice’ and makeup items.

Size and Servings

This 4″ & 9″ cake serves approximately 30 portions


This cake can also be made in other sizes and styles to suit your requirements. Please contact us for more information.


How can i get one of these birthday cakes?

If you would like to order this cake or something similar for your birthday, please get in touch. We can custom design and make the perfect birthday cake for your special day.

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