Elegant grey and white Wedding Day Cupcakes

Domed wedding caupcakes

Wedding Day cupcakes

Elegant pretty lace cupcake domes with bows, Blossoms and brooches, large fantasy rose and monogram cupcakes. Vanilla cupcakes topped with fondant domes filled with vanilla buttercream.

  • domed wedding cupcakes
  • Domed wedding cupcakes
  • Domed wedding caupcakes

Cupcake Details

Stunning wedding day domed cupcakes in grey and white lace, decorated with a mixture of blossoms, silver sugar pearls, and edible bows. Two personalised Mr and Mrs cupcakes for the bride and groom added that personal touch.

Size and Servings

1 cupcake per guest


This design can be made in any colour to complement your theme.


Delivered to the fabulous, Oddfellows restaurant, Chester

How can I get my hands on these Cupcakes?

If you would like to order these cupcakes or something similar for your special occasion, please get in touch. We can custom design the perfect cupcake just for you!

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