Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby Faces cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes

A mixture of baby girl and baby boy faces, baby blocks, rocking horse and baby bottle cupcakes

  • Baby Faces cupcakes
  • Baby Faces cupcakes

Cupcake Details

Cute baby shower cupcakes with a mixture of baby boy and girl faces wearing knitted hats, baby girl face with dummy, Knitted effect rocking horse cupcakes, baby blocks on a fondant disc and baby bottles on a fondant disc

Size and Servings

cupcakes serve 1 per person and can be ordered in multiples of 6


These baby shower cupcakes can be made in other colors too please contact me for a detailed quote


How can I get my hands on these Cupcakes?

If you would like to order these cupcakes or something similar for your special occasion, please get in touch. We can custom design the perfect cupcake just for you!

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