Twins Joint 40th Birthday Cake

40th cake

Twins Joint 4oth Birthday Cake

A lovely joint birthday cake for twin ladies celebrating their 40th birthday

  • 40th cake
  • 4oth cake
  • 4oth birthday cake

Cake Details

Two separate 2 tier birthday cakes in opposite colours of gold and pale pink , decorated with gorgeous edible lace and ribbon trim. Topped with sugar figures of the birthday girls and lots of personal items all made from sugar. finished with Pink sugar roses

Size and Servings

Two 4″ and 6″ two tier cakes will serve approx 34 party portions


This design has lots of personal items which can be tailored to your requirements
Please contact me for a detailed quote


How can i get one of these birthday cakes?

If you would like to order this cake or something similar for your birthday, please get in touch. We can custom design and make the perfect birthday cake for your special day.

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