Cricket themed Cupcakes


Cricket Themed Cupcakes

Perfect Sporty cupcakes for any lover of the game of cricket.

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Cupcake Details

A mixture of Flat top cupcakes with 2d decoration, frosting grass cupcakes with 3d decoration and domed cricket ball cupcakes .

Size and Servings

Cupcakes are an individual portion per person and can be ordered in multiples of 6


Cricket balls , cricket bats and stumps with cricket ball cupcakes and edible cricket jumper cupcakes.


How can I get my hands on these Cupcakes?

If you would like to order these cupcakes or something similar for your special occasion, please get in touch. We can custom design the perfect cupcake just for you!

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We are constantly designing and making new delicious Cupcakes! Ask us for advice about the perfect Cupcake for your next event.

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